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MJW Takes on Fabrication and Installation of High-Pressure Nitrogen Supply Line for Aerospace Facility Expansion

Aviation and Automotive Fabrication

A major aerospace company is in the process of completing a significant expansion of their Space Coast area rocket plant facility located near the Kennedy Space Center.

MJW has been contracted by the owner to design, fabricate and install 3,500 linear feet of  fully-welded high-pressure pipeline supplying nitrogen from an existing liquid nitrogen storage facility to multiple buildings that are being constructed during this expansion. In addition to self-performing the design and piping installation tasks, MJW’s scope of work includes utilizing numerous subcontractors for design, excavation, cathodic protection, radiographic testing and pipe coating. In an effort to maximize productivity and quality, and minimize operational impact to aerospace industry, MJW’s team is utilizing our new Space Coast facility to perform a substantial portion of pipework welding activities offsite. 

MJW is currently installing Phase 1 piping scope that involves completing approximately one fifth of the total pipe length, to allow the owner to release numerous parking lot pavement projects. At the same time, the reminder of the piping is being welded in MJW's Space Coast facility in preparation for the upcoming field installation on the reminder of the piping.

This project adds to an extensive portfolio of MJW’s capabilities and accomplishments in supporting the US space exploration industry.

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