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Northrop Grumman, Aerospace Systems

"The work your team did at the helicopter training center was truly outstanding and brings great credit to your company. This challenging project was completed on time, within budget, and with excellent workmanship.”

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Facilities Management and Construction

“People shy away from taking responsibility and do their very best to shift as much of it as possible to others. [But] you took ownership of the fire protection project, [and] by taking full responsibility and communicating your recommendations to resolve issues, the project’s fire protection equipment and high expansion foam system tested out perfectly.”


“As we have discussed, I have been impressed with the professionalism by all the crews involved in the logistic project. Their understanding of the BP guidelines, understanding of the project schedule, attention to detail, and knowing who is the customer, has helped the job run smoothly. 

“Project Schedule: One of the best gauges of this is being able to ask anyone on the job site, ‘What are you doing tomorrow, what are you doing next week?’ In just a short week, I could not find anyone on the job site who did not know what they were expected to complete today, tomorrow, and next week. That is not only a sign of understanding the project schedule, but also good internal communication that is taking place. 

“Attention to detail: Watching the civil crew complete the forms and pour the concrete was truly a great scene to watch. So often people tend to lack the attention to detail on things that will be below ground, but we all know that can be the most critical. Watching how the crew made certain every stake, every form, and every piece of the puzzle had the same quality was certainly refreshing. 

“Knowing the customer: Often crews are very good at following their job, their drawings and their schedule, but lack customer focus. I have great praise to the crews for the respect they have shown to operations personnel and meeting their expectation.  Often during a day, things will come up that will require us to change the plans for the day, that can be frustrating, but a known part of the business. Each time this has happened, I have never heard a complaint, but instead a supervisor would simply rearrange the schedule and efficiently move equipment and men to the next task.”

Linc Government Services, LLC

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff you have provided to our project at the Winn Army Community Hospital, Ft. Stewart, Ga. I would like to especially compliment Mr. Leonard Padgett. He has proven to be exemplary not only in the quality, performance, attention to detail, execution, and coordination of the work, but also his participation in all construction meetings, safety meetings, the required paperwork of daily reports, and all those things not immediately apparent in the execution of the construction process.”


“As always you have provided us with excellent support during a critical time. Not only did Tony meet our number one requirement of ‘going home injury free everyday,’ he exceeded our expectations in all areas. Tony maintained a positive, upbeat, and encouraging attitude. Please accept a wholehearted ‘thank you’ from us, and we look forward to next time.”

Westinghouse Electric Company

“Phil and Mike performed outstandingly. I was impressed with their attention to detail and attitude toward safety. It was a pleasure to have them on site. When the occasion for fire protection work arises again, you will be my first call.”

Neptune Fire Protection Engineering LLC

“It gives me great peace of mind to know you guys are installing the work we design, because I know it will be done correctly.”

MJW Company
MJW Fire Protection
MJW Engineering