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Pulp and Paper Facility Maintenance and Repairs Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

MJW Consolidated  was the successful bidder on 5 major projects for the January 2015 annual RockTenn Recycling Eastport facility outage.  These projects posed challenges as they were located in several areas of the mill. We were tasked to execute projects in 4 days and 4 nights on 12-hour shift schedules which required a total of 68 MJW team members (39 during days & 29 during nights) comprised of carpenters, millwrights, ironworkers, pipefitters and superintendents. The projects required in excess of 3,000 man-hours and consisted of the following scopes:

  1. OCC Scrap Conveyor – Design, fabricate and replace 90’ of existing “V” roller conveyors.
  2. Bail Storage Concrete Repair – Saw-cut, remove and replace four sections of existing concrete, the pads averaged 12’ x 27’ x 10” thick with double #4 mats.
  3. Pulper Feed Conveyor – Design, fabricate and install a 6’ x 10’ x 2” thick steel embed plate into the existing concrete at the feed side of the pulper conveyor.
  4. Winder Arms – Design, fabricate and install two new winder arms for the paper-machine, the arms are made of 2” thick plate, 14” tall and 12’ long. These arms had to be aligned to .005”.
  5. PM#2 Dryer Catwalks – Fabricate, demo and install new catwalks on the #2 PM tending and drive side dryer sections, the tending side was made from Aluminum and ran around 150’ long with the drive side being hot dipped carbon steel and ran around 160’ long. This scope also required several piping systems to be relocated to make room for the new larger catwalks.

Planning was the Key to our success, and therefore the success for our client.  Well before our crews hit the job site, we addressed the primary procurement, design, fabrication, pre-work and manpower staffing areas. With multiple divisions, resources, team members and task timelines, planning played a key role in the success of the outage.  With the support and consolidated goal of success as a team, the outage start-ups were on time and under budget.  A Successful Outage for all!

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