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Reworld Waste-to-Energy Upgrades Fire Protection with MJW at Lee County Plant

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In 2023, MJW received a call from the safety coordinator at the Reworld Lee waste management plant in Fort Myers. Like the other Reworld plants, the Lee plant is a waste-to-energy facility, utilizing yard waste and garbage to produce electricity for public consumption. The client provided MJW with a list of repairs that needed to be made to their underground fire water system based on a recent report by their local inspection company and also requested a quote to replace a diesel fire pump. After a thorough survey of the required repairs and evaluating the fire pump change-out, MJW provided the requested quote and quickly received purchase orders for the work.

All of the underground fire main repair work was completed in early 2024 while keeping most of the plant fire protection online. Only a few repairs required working over a weekend while the plant was not receiving waste. The crew worked diligently with the plant and returned all of the underground repair locations back to their original state, including laying sod, replanting shrubs, topping with stone and mulch.

This project was considered such a success that the team has been asked to provide pricing for additional repairs and an inspection/maintenance contract.

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