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Sunoco LP has chosen MJW Consolidated to install electrical systems and instrumentation for a proprietary liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) blending system at an existing Phillips 66 fuel storage terminal in Mount Vernon, MO.

Work on the project will begin in late June and is expected to be completed in about three months, said MJW project manager Mike Greene. “This is the fourth project of this type we have been awarded by Sunoco, which owns the technology,” Greene said.

The Sunoco system adds butane to stored LPG before the fuel is loaded onto tanker trucks. Butane is a standard additive in gasoline, but it dissipates over time and must be brought up to target levels before the fuel is transported for commercial sale. In addition to injecting butane into the LPG, the blending system measures, samples and tests the fuel.

Understanding the fuel storage terminal environment and providing outstanding service are essential requirements for working safely and efficiently at major fuel storage facilities. The MJW electrical installations team has successfully performed similar projects for Sunoco at terminals in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

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