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MJW to Overhaul Winder Lines at Georgia Pacific Plant in Louisiana

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MJW is continuing a partnership with Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) at Georgia Pacific’s plant in Port Hudson, Louisiana with its selection by the client to complete a major overhaul of the HHT2 winder lines. This is the third winder project MJW will complete with PCMC for Georgia Pacific, with two additional projects of the same capacity scheduled for early 2023. These projects consist of unloading and staging major components of the paper converting machine winder line during a one-week pre-work period followed by a 16-day outage window where modifications will take place to three unwind stands, embossing equipment, accumulator, log saws, and a complete demo and replacement of the rewinder.

The work on the three unwind stands consists of replacing hydraulic chuck assemblies with electric and pneumatic servo-driven chuck assemblies. The embossing, accumulator and log saws are retrofitted with new PCMC/Fiji technology to improve their performance and durability. The most labor-intensive portion of the project is replacing the rewinder: the rewinder has a bottom and top section, each weighing between 15,000 and 30,000 pounds. MJW must remove the existing rewinder, dispose of it, and then install the new rewinder. The rewinder at Port Hudson will have to be set with a monorail system that MJW will design and fabricate because of the tight quarters in which the project takes place. In total MJW will have in the neighborhood of 20 craftsmen and four supervisors working on the project for around 30 days. MJW will also be managing 12-14 electricians from subcontractor Miller Electric during this project, set to mobilize in mid-October of 2022.

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