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MJW Successfully Bids on Jacksonville Electric Authority Project at Two Generating Stations

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In January of 2022, MJW was asked to provide a bid to the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) to upgrade the control panel, selector valves, zone control valves, pneumatic solenoids, and to add a new zone to four separate 6-ton bulk CO₂ fire suppression systems at JEA’s Brandy Branch Generating Station and Kennedy Generating Station. A successful bid was made and MJW was awarded the contract.

During the process of working at the two facilities it was determined that a fifth unit located at Kennedy Generating Station was not operating properly. Therefore, a change order was awarded to MJW in June to change out the controls and valves on that unit as well.

These CO₂ systems protect the turbine compartment, gas compartment, atomizing air compartment and hydraulic/lube oil compartments. The systems are configured with the initial response piping system and an extended release piping system.

The work on Unit B51 was completed during a shutdown in March, 2022, and the work on Units B52 and B53 during a shutdown in April, 2022. Work on Units K37 and K38 is tentatively scheduled to be completed in October, 2022.

JEA’s Brandy Branch site includes a nominal 170 MW simple cycle combustion turbine (CT Unit 1); a 2-on-1 combined cycle unit, comprised of two nominal 170 MW combustion turbines (CT Units 2 & 3) with associated heat recovery steam generators and a nominal 200 MW steam turbine-electric generator, and associated support facilities. The Kennedy Generating Station, and its sister station Greenland Energy Center, are equipped with two General Electric 7FA, 170 MW simple cycle combustion turbines. These turbines run on natural gas and can also operate on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, as a back-up. Both plants are unmanned sites and can be started and monitored remotely from JEA’s natural gas generation headquarters.

This project represents an ongoing, valuable partnership between MJW and JEA.

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