MJW Consolidated’s specialized cryogenic welding certification and experience was critical to the success of the recent helium compressor installation for Airgas in Orange County, FL.

With this specialized capability, MJW can weld materials that are exposed to the coldest temperatures encountered in industrial applications. The welds for the Airgas helium project are certified to withstand temperatures of minus 452.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The work involved upgrading the Orange County site’s helium processing capabilities with a higher-capacity compressor, new vaporizer and an updated analysis and instrumentation system.

MJW installed the new equipment and fabricated new piping for the system. Crews also fabricated and installed a new network of tubing to extract samples for purity analysis and constructed a new instrumentation room. MJW self-performed all of the work that was part of the contract.

The helium line was only shut down for three weeks to accommodate the upgrade. MJW performed the work safely and on time while coordinating with Airgas managers to avoid interference with production activity throughout the large facility.

Airgas, a subsidiary of France-based Air Liquide, is a major supplier of compressed helium used primarily in welding applications. The company’s Orange County plant supplies much of the helium used by NASA at nearby Kennedy Space Center.