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MJW Continues Longstanding Relationship with Georgia Pacific with Semi Trailer Parking Project at Palatka Plant

Pulp and Paper Concrete General Contracting/Construction Management

MJW has been engaged by longtime partner Georgia Pacific on a project that will expand a semi-trailer parking area at GP’s Palatka, Florida, plant.

The complete job site area is in excess of five acres, with the demolition portion of the project consisting of site-clearing multiple spoil piles and debris fields, disposal of an abandoned concrete block building of approximately 2,000 square feet, and the excavation of nearly 12,000 cubic yards of lime rock and organic soils.

Once demolition is complete, MJW will form, place and finish six trailer leg pads, each measuring roughly 400 feet in length. Once the pads are in place MJW will install the storm-water system consisting of roughly 500 feet of underground concrete reinforced pipe, six catch basins, and five manholes, and then import and backfill approximately 6,000 cubic yards of new lime rock base. Two layers of asphalt will be applied on the compacted base to complete the final parking grade. The final task will be to stripe the area for parking spaces for the incoming semis.

This new area will provide over 200 new staging lanes for GP trucks and trailers. The project will also provide an opportunity to work together with MJW’s trade partners Tuttle Dozer Works and Duval Asphalt. The project is planned to complete in July of 2023.

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