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Mineral Mining and Refinement Equipment Structural

MJW Consolidated recently completed a large project for Mosaic, the world’s largest producer of finished phosphate products. MJW performed the replacement of a granular cooler at Mosaic’s New Wales, Florida facility.

Mosaic's New Wales facility is involved in the production of phosphate fertilizer and animal feed ingredients. The granular cooler is a key piece of equipment in the manufacturing process. Mined products are brought it wet and this 120,000 pound tumbler dries the materials and a conveyor system takes it to the warehouse.

Mosaic chose MJW because of our custom rigging abilities for large projects. MJW was challenged to find a creative, cost saving and time saving solution for the removal and replacement process. This was a complicated problem because the equipment must be removed and replaced in one piece.

Butch Kinney, who manages MJW’s Central Florida Division, along with his team designed a plan to remove an outside wall and knee wall, construct a super structure to skate the equipment to and transfer it on two 500 ton gantries for lowering, then skate the equipment out to a 300 ton crane. Mosaic chose MJW because of its creative approach to the removal and replacement, which was performed in about 90 days.

Mineral mining and refinement sites present unique challenges that require specialized knowledge and experience. MJW Consolidated has a track record of successful performance in highly corrosive phosphate and titanium dioxide processing environments, among other challenging work sites. This knowledge, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and rigging techniques, allows us to properly set and install all types of equipment and components. We also use advanced optical and electronic alignment equipment to ensure critical components are in the precise location required to function properly. 

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