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Power and Energy Engineering

MJW Consolidated has completed a comprehensive fire hazard analysis (FHA) at two Westinghouse Electric Company facilities in western Pennsylvania that provide critical services to the nuclear energy industry.

The purpose of the two analyses was to ensure compliance with fire protection and suppression measures required under National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for nuclear facilities of all types. The FHAs were performed at a Westinghouse facility in the George Westinghouse Research and Technology Park in Churchill, PA which performs structural and chemical integrity testing of small samples of material used in the construction and operation of the nuclear reactors, and at the Westinghouse Waltz Mill, PA site which performs decontamination, repair, modification, assembly, and checkout of equipment and systems used to service and operate nuclear power plants handles operating and servicing equipment used at nuclear energy facilities.

Performance of a nuclear facility FHA requires specialized knowledge of industrial fire protection engineering that few companies are qualified to perform. The Westinghouse FHAs required MJW to evaluate the condition of structures and processes within both sites’ radio-logically controlled area boundary, with particular attention to the separation or control of hazards; the control or elimination of ignition sources; and the suppression of fires. The goal of the audits was to confirm compliance and identify any areas that might be in need of attention. Ultimately, an FHA ensures the possibility of injury to people or damage to facilities, equipment or the environment is within acceptable limits.

MJW is well qualified to perform nuclear facility fire system audits because of its combination of capabilities in large scale fire suppression design and installation services, in major industrial construction projects, and in engineering services for both fire suppression and construction projects. The successful completion of the FHA represents an expansion of MJW’s partnership with Westinghouse and provision of services for the nuclear energy industry.

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