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Honeywell Safety Products Continues Relationship with MJW with New Fire Protection System Work

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In 2023, MJW completed a project for Honeywell Safety Products in North Charleston, South Carolina that involved testing of their underground fire protection lines to verify the integrity of their systems. After several weeks of testing it was determined that many of the underground and aboveground valves were not holding properly. The following month, MJW began working on a proposal to replace all of the leaking valves.

The proposed scope of work included replacing underground post indicator valves, interior alarm valves and backflow preventer isolation valves that were installed in the 1970s. After extensive underground utility location surveys by an outside contractor, MJW mobilized and  successfully completed replacement of these valves on time and under budget. MJW’s exemplary performance resulted in award of additional work involving fire pumps, low expansion and high expansion foam systems and water-based deluge systems.

Honeywell Safety Products is a manufacturing facility that produces different types of chemical application gloves and sleeves. To date, Honeywell has awarded MJW multiple projects at their Clover, South Carolina and North Charleston, South Carolina locations.

This current project marks another milestone in building a long-standing relationship with a valued client.

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