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Pulp and Paper Special Hazards Systems Engineering

In December of 2015, MJW Consolidated was awarded a contract to design, procure and install a clean agent fire suppression system for protection of the new Evaporator Motor Control Center (MCC). The new evaporator is a multi-million dollar investment by Georgia Pacific to help promote mill efficiency and continue to lessen their environmental impact.

Andritz Engineering provided specification of the enclosure and the requirements for the fire suppression system. MJW’s in-house engineering staff designed the system utilizing Novec 1230 as a suppression agent. The complete design package was submitted to and subsequently approved by Georgia Pacific, Andritz Engineering and FM Global. Material procurement was completed prior to mobilization and numerous scheduling and safety meetings were conducted to ensure an efficient and, most of all, safe installation which followed. As always, the efforts of all involved played a huge part in the success of this schedule-driven project. The project was completed on-time and additional portions of the new Evaporator Project were awarded to other MJW Consolidated divisions, further solidifying MJW’s relationship with Georgia Pacific Palatka Mill.

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