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Biomass and Alternate Energy Fire Protection Systems

MJW successfully negotiated a design-build contract with its established client Enviva Biomass for the design and installation of the specialty fire protection systems at their Port of Savannah wood pellet storage facility. The systems include liquid and gaseous nitrogen injection systems that provide protection of the pellets received from Enviva’s manufacturing plants and stored inside of the two large domes; spark detection and extinguishing systems that provide protection as the pellets are loaded into the cargo vessels; and specialty metal detection system that assures no metal objects are loaded into the ship hull for a long trip to the power plants in Europe, where this renewable energy source is being used instead of the coal to generate electricity.

This unique project also includes providing a foundation and the roadway and drainage system improvements that were required for the stationary nitrogen storage and vaporization unit that will be located onsite.

The discussions and negotiations for the scope of work took place over the summer of 2020 and the contract was awarded in October. The design phase of the project was completed in partnership with NHWL Engineering, and the procurement, fabrication and installation phases of the project are currently underway. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-February 2021.

MJW’s partnership with Enviva Biomass has spanned over ten years and included a variety of projects in five states.

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